A stock management app with over 150,000 users and over 90% usage continuation rate. Try it for 31 days!

If you want to know your current inventory information, need accurate inventory counts, find data entry tasks difficult, want to reduce errors, avoid subjective judgment, and eliminate stockouts or excessive inventory, then use Zaico to solve your problems!

Not only for stock management, but you can also use it for managing equipment, supplies, and other assets.

【Recommended for】
Those who struggle with errors and tasks using Excel or paper
Those who repeatedly experience stockouts or excessive inventory
Those who want to easily and quickly update data and share it with others
Those who spend too much time on inventory tasks
Those who run physical stores or online shops
Those who manage inventory in multiple locations with multiple people

【Benefits of using Zaico】
– Simple screen design for easy implementation and operation
People ranging from their 20s to 70s can use it. You can quickly get used to it and master it.

– Multiple people can work on it simultaneously from anywhere
Data is stored in the cloud, so you can sync it over the internet and operate the same updated data simultaneously with multiple people from anywhere.

– Supports QR and barcode scanning
You can scan barcodes/QR codes with your smartphone camera and efficiently conduct searches, inventory processing, and inventory of products and supplies. You can also easily create QR codes.

– Can import data from POS registers and EC tools
You can link external services and import sales data from POS registers, which automatically decreases Zaico’s inventory. You can also import order data from an EC management tool and register it as outbound data in Zaico.

– No need for expensive specialized hardware
You don’t need expensive specialized hardware like barcode readers because you can utilize your smartphone.

※ The name changed from “ZAICO (smart stock management)” to “Cloud stock management software zaico” in January 2019.
※ “Over 150,000 users” and “over 90% usage continuation” are based on Zaico’s registered user records as of January 2023.

【31-day trial available】
・All plans are eligible.
・You will not be automatically charged after the trial period, and there is no need to enter payment information in advance.
・You can still receive support during the trial period.
・The data you input during the trial period will be stored and available for use after registration.

【If you relate to these keywords, give Zaico a try!】
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Category: Business

Published Date: 12 Apr 2013

Operating System: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Author: ZAICO Inc.

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