Zahir Certification

Zahir Certification Program is the official facilities of zahir certification managed by PT Zahir Internasional. … Read more


XANIMATE helps you understand how rod pumping systems and downhole sucker rod pumps work. It … Read more


XANIMATE-LT is a quick look into the world of advanced oilfield animations. See what’s going … Read more


We are on a mission to make world class education affordable to all. We have … Read more


Bagyavathi Educational and Charitable Trust run the Valaraigate Vidyalayam School. Valaraigate Vidyalayam School was started … Read more

U.learn GO

Découvrez U.learn GO, Retrouvez une sélection de formations depuis votre mobile et profitez de contenus … Read more

U-Class Student

1. 학생 스마트기기 모니터링 – 선생님은 학생들의 화면을 실시간으로 모니터링 하면서 학생의 수업 상태 및 … Read more

U-Class Remocon

[주요 기능] 1. 원격지원 – 선생님 패드에서 전자칠판 PC를 연결하여 원격지원 합니다. 2. 화면올림 – … Read more

U Rock!

Johnny Rockets University – U Rock is the new learning, communication & content sharing tool. … Read more


The RIMOWA Learning App is a fun and comprehensive learning tool that allows our teams … Read more


Barcodes are widely used in product information lookup, share your contact info by QR-code and … Read more


1. 架構 = 創建團隊 2. 目標 = 職效評核 3. 會議籌備 = 工作計劃 4. 會議進行 = … Read more

O’Donnell ISD

The O’Donnell Independent School District ezMobile App by ezTask keeps you in touch with your … Read more

N C S Keonjhar

Edisapp Mobile provides institutions and all its stakeholders with a highly customizable, easy-to-implement mobile solution … Read more


You can now rely on your mobile device to access all your favorite training programs … Read more


LabOcidape est la première application pour se former aux bases du travail dans les couvoirs, … Read more


Avec K’Pulse vos formations digitales tiennent dans la poche. L’application mobile met à votre disposition … Read more


G-Leads adalah The Gade Learning and Development System yang berfungsi sebagai media kolaborasi, belajar, dan … Read more

E-Lecture Player HD

E-Lecture Player HDはインターネットを利用した遠隔授業配信サービスE-LectureのiPad用の受講アプリです。 E-Lecture Player HDの主な機能 ・ライブ版(生放送)とオンデマンド版(録画)のどちらの授業でも手軽にiPadの大画面を活かして受講できます。 ・講師側映像表示機能(フルスクリーン化対応) ・ホワイトボード表示機能(フルスクリーン化対応) ・理解度などを講師側に伝える反応ボタン機能 ・チャット機能 ・選択肢回答機能 ・頭出し・巻き戻し・シーク機能(オンデマンド授業) ・理解度グラフ機能付きチャプターリスト機能(オンデマンド授業) ・iPad内蔵カメラ/内蔵マイクを用いた授業参加機能 … Read more