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Does your organization want to get to zero waste faster?
By bridging the gap between technology and waste management, Zabble Inc. has developed an innovative paperless process to track and monitor your operation’s waste stream via campaigns with real-time analytics so you don’t waste time with pen and paper, spreadsheets, handwriting errors and calculations.
Visual assessments can provide vital operational information regarding quantity, type, service levels, location and condition of materials discarded. Strategic and targeted campaigns to assess problem areas like improper disposal or unlocking new opportunities for waste reduction can be more beneficial with continuous monitoring than one-time waste audits. Zabble’s proprietary platform Zabble Zero™ allows users to create campaigns to collect key operational information quickly and efficiently to get more frequent snapshots of the waste stream.
We have designed the user experience to streamline data collection, allowing the ability to visually tag photos using Zabble’s AI, take notes and send email notifications to flag down important maintenance issues like overflows, missed hauler pickups or replace broken bins. Zabble Zero™ automatically aggregates all the data into meaningful metrics like diversion, contamination and greenhouse gas emissions into a real-time interactive dashboard that can be quickly shared with coworkers or managers.
No more scribbling on paperwork, taking photos on the phone to share them with supervisors via text, manual re-logging onto spreadsheets, putting together reports and re-training staff multiple times.
Now, facility staff and managers can drill-down to the source of contamination all the way to a bin on a certain floor.
Strive towards lower greenhouse gas emissions from reducing waste, diverting from landfill and improving source separation to produce cleaner material that has more value.
– Optimized for a seamless and intuitive user experience to minimize data entry and training
– Use our standard templates with pre-built waste categories or build your own custom templates
– Geotag locations for easy visual renditions on maps
– Photos and notes taken from within the platform provide a transparent real-time communication channel between stakeholders
– Real-time data analysis reduces hours required to organize and clean up data for analysis
– Email curated PDF reports and spreadsheets so it reaches the stakeholders within seconds
– Offline access allows facilitates work processes in areas of no cellular or wifi connectivity like loading docks
– Alerts (email notifications) can be triggered from within the mobile app to send event-based and contamination-based notifications to specific users and supervisors with a timestamp, photo and location information
– Secure authentication for individuals and groups working together
– Zabble Zero™ AI can suggest fullness of bins and recommend unacceptable or contamination items for quick and easy tagging
Note: This app is designed for Zabble’s existing customers. It requires your location for GPS coordinates, camera access to take photos and photo library access to upload images.

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Published Date: 10 Jan 2019

Operating System: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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