With V-Tag technology, you can see where any of your assets are, anywhere in the world. V-Tag is an active RFID mesh network tag. This means that the tags can “talk” with each other to pass messages along until they reach a Gateway reader.

V-Tag works in indoor environments. Simply stick a Fixed tag on any location you want to track and V-Tag Asset tags will automatically report when they move to a new location.

The outdoor version of V-Tag is a waterproof tag that has a GPS module on it which will automatically report its latitude and longitude position. Simple stick up enough Fixed tags to support the mesh network. The V-Tag GPS tag is perfect for car lots, laydown yards, as well as construction/work sites.

You can configure a V-Tag gateway to push data up to the V-Tag Cloud. The V-Tag application will show you exactly where your assets are at any time.

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Category: Business

Published Date: 24 Jul 2018

Operating System: Requires iOS 11 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Author: Infinid Technologies, Inc.

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