Say goodbye to paper and create operational efficiencies with V-DOCS digital contracts, the mobile industry’s premier paperless contract solution!

Paper contracts are time and cost inefficient, requiring an enormous amount of resources to generate and process them. This hinders the customer experience, and organizations bear the cost of paper, toner, storage space and labour.

V-DOCS digital contracts are quick, simple, accessible and secure. The V-DOCS solution digitally presents, signs, seals, stores, verifies and retrieves all documents related to a customer transaction with virtually no change to existing in-store procedures. V-DOCS improves customer satisfaction and processing speeds, while providing centralized access to agreements digitally archived in our secure storage solution. Moreover, V-DOCS helps companies save money, both on physical resources and the labour required to maintain them, while being environmentally conscious in doing so!

With the V-DOCS Mobile application, you can:

• Present, sign and process contracts quickly & conveniently from your iPad.
• Ensure that contracts are signed and dated at all applicable signature points.
• Effortlessly provide your customer with a signed PDF copy of the contract via email.
• Easily attach any additional supporting materials to the contract, such as a driver’s license, simply by using your mobile device’s camera.
• Quickly access any incomplete contracts so that they can be signed and submitted.

Save a tree, cut down your costs instead! How can V-DOCS transform your business?

Category: Business

Published Date: 21 Mar 2017

Operating System: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Author: Master Merchant Systems

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