U-Track Driver

U-Track Driver is the next generation delivery app.

You want to work as a delivery driver on your own schedule? You want to make quick extra money while you’re driving? You dislike being hired by a restaurant/business and want to avoid the long hours of a 9 to 5 shift? Then U-Track Driver is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

U-Track Driver can be used by almost anyone who wants to make extra cash delivering food or products. Restaurants and businesses in your area are constantly looking for drivers to deliver their products to their cherished customers. The beauty of U-Track is that our partners who use the App, don’t need to wait for a driver to go drop an order off and come back. Drivers are ready to cater your needs, businesses can request as many drivers as needed just with a few phone clicks.

Using U-Track is as easy as:

Download the app and sign up, then:

• Go online by hitting the blue button.
• Wait for a request to popup, accept it.
• Validate your route on the map.
• Head towards the restaurant to pick up the order then deliver it to the customer.
• Click the ‘delivery complete’ button to Confirm the delivery has been successfully done.

All past deliveries are saved so you and calculate how much money you’ve been making.

*The amount of data used by the app per month depends on the number of deliveries you make.

Category: Business

Published Date: 15 Sept 2017

Operating System: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Author: Skander Jabouzi

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