T-Pro Dictate

The T-Pro Dictate iOS app allows users to create dictations on the go, and securely send them to the T-Pro platform for processing. Uploaded dictations can be tracked as they are processed by transcription teams or T-Pro’s back-end speech recognition servers.

Users can then view, edit, approve or reject draft documents form within the app.


• Create dictation on the go.
• Approve and edit documents.
• Multiple priorities, groups, report type options.
• Secure file encryption.
• Support for legal language.
• Integrates with your organisation worklists to further enhance your productivity.

Dictations are securely sent to the servers with no dictation remaining on the device longer than necessary.

This application is free of charge and does not access any paid for content, but does require access to the T-Pro’s back-end enterprise dictation system.

This application is compatible with iOS 12.0 and later.

Category: Business

Published Date: 2 Jun 2017

Operating System: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Author: T-Pro

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