Shella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme. Fast, Clean, and Flexible. OS 2.0

> Shella is the fastest, featured, fresh, dynamically developing, best converting Shopify theme. Try it now!
The first theme according to 15 Best Themes for Your Shopify eCommerce Business
Shella – premium, responsive, fashion Shopify theme. Our team puts years of web development experience into Shella theme. It includes same features as other themes at themeforest, plus some unique features which you can find only at Shella theme. Builder, true collection filter, fashion icons, etc. Enjoy Shella theme

SEO Optimized
Google Rich snippet tool. Checked by MOZ SEO tool.

Fast Performance
You should care about page speed load. Improve Google search rankings and customer satisfaction.

Revolution Slider
Engage your visitors with awesome slideshow. Slide builder for general features.

RTL Support
Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu are the most widespread RTL writing systems in modern times.

Unlimited Colors
Hundreds of color options, control color of every theme’s element.

Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service

Full features list

Multi-purpose design
One Product
Mobile optimized / mobile first / 100% responsive design
Powerful admin panel
SEO optimized
Google rich snippet tool
Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)
Built-in theme translations
Lazy load effect
Hide/show most elements
Boxed or full-width layout
Tons of color options
Button shape options
Newsletter popup
MailChimp newsletter popup (based on embedded form)
Shipping rates calculator
1000+ live customization options
Compare products
Advanced swatches
Display sale % label
Multiple header style
Type #1
Type #2
Type #3
Type #4
Type #5
Announcement bar
Cart icon options
Customer login
Dropdown menu
Mega menu
MegaMenu builder
Vertical MegaMenu
Multi-column menu
Multi-level menu
Two menu options
Mobile search-focused menu
Menu promotions
Interactive mini cart
Slide-out cart
Logo options
Left or center-align logo
Phone number
Predictive Search
Sticky header / navigation
Quick link contact bar
Home Page
Blog posts
Collection list
Featured collection
Featured products
Featured promotions
Video section
Image gallery
Image with text
Image with text overlay
Logo list
Brands carousel
Display products row by row
Display products with collection tabs
Display products with carousel
Display collection list/ 2 Styles
Information blocks
Instagram photo gallery
Featured product
Shipping text
Rich text + image
Search section
Custom HTML section
Text Columns with Images Section
Standard Width Options for all Sections
Collection Page
Collection sorting + filtering
Color swatches below thumbnail
Configurable sidebar
Display 2, 3, or 4 products/row
Full-width top banner image
Multiple pagination options
Multi-tag filter in sidebar
Sale/New labels
Quick Shop
Advanced product filtering + sorting + grid/list view
Set product per row
AJAX pagination
AJAX load more button
AJAX load on scroll
Product quick view
Product labels
Collection list
Configurable sidebar. Left, right, popup
Configurable product filters
Filter product by price, name, vendor and tags
Product Page
5 Style to display product page
Type #1
Type #2
Type #3
Type #4
Type #5
Type #6
Support for tabbed product descriptions
Thumbnail Slider
Color swatch shape options
Configurable sidebar
Image gallery options
Integrated Shopify Reviews
Quantity box
Related products
Size Chart
Social sharing
Support for Shopify’s dynamic checkout buttons
Display gallery images as grid
Payment options
Product video
3D product model
Zoom gallery image
Gallery light box
Quantity left message
Countdown timer
Configurable footer content
Custom footer logo
Social icons in footer
Footer blocks
Footer menu
Payment options
Contact us
Google map at contact us page
Article list
Blog article
About us
Look book page / 2 style
404 page
Performance Modes
Support for Shopify’s Font Picker
Bootstrap 4.0 grid
Shopify section builder
Slate – tool for developing shopify themes
Modular design inspired by BEM Methodology
SASS technology
Apps compatibility
1 click demo import
Cross browser compatibility
Always up to date online documentation
Video manuals

One Product
Cannabis & CBD
Pre Order
Food Delivery
Contact Lenses

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Change log
Version 6.5.1 – 3 September 2023
FIXED: dynamic checkout button issue
FIXED: wishlist and compare issue
Version 6.5.0 – 22 August 2023
FIXED: minor issues
Version 6.4.0 – 13 August 2023
ADDED: privacy checkbox for newsletter form
IMPROVED : complementary products block
FIXED: minor issues
Version 6.3.0 – 30 June 2023
ADDED: ticker section
ADDED: gift card recipient form
ADDED: follow on Shop button
Version 6.2.1 – 20 April 2023
minor fix at search popup
Version 6.2.0 – 16 April 2023
ADDED: predictable search
Version 6.0.0 – 1 April 2023
ADDED: complementary products
ADDED: sale points block at product page
ADDED: image focal points
ADDED: filter on search results
Version 5.0.2 – 14 January 2022
UPDATED: locales files
FIXED: minor issues
Version 5.0.1 – 19 November 2021
FIXED: minor issues
Version 5.0.0 – 17 November 2021
ADDED: New type of header – transparent
ADDED: Product page, gallery width option
ADDED: Image for mobile popup
ADDED: Dynamic checkout button at Featured product section
IMPROVED: Page speed 92 mobile / 98 desktop, Lighthouse 9.0, A, GTmetrix, Test it on GTmetrix
IMPROVED: Mini-cart drawer
IMPROVED: Carousel arrows
IMPROVED: Sticky header
IMPROVED: Color options
FIXED: minor issues
Version 4.14.1 – 19 October 2021
ADDED: New Shopify “selling_plan” cart option
FIXED: Pagination issue
FIXED: Header height option
FIXED: Minor issues
Version 4.14.0 – 18 October 2021
ADDED: Brand page
ADDED: Brand page V2
Version 4.13.0 – 13 October 2021
ADDED: Fullwidth layout at collection page
IMPROVED: online store 2.0 feature at collection page
OS2.0: Filter sidebar
OS2.0: Horizontal filter
FIXED: minor issues
Version 4.12.0 – 25 August 2021
IMPROVED: product page for iPad
Version 4.11.1 – 14 August 2021
FIXED: menu link issue
Version 4.11.0 – 13 August 2021
ADDED: Online store 2.0 support
OS2.0: Section on every page. Builder, Spacer, Article carousel, Brand carousel, Product carousel, Review carousel, Contact form, FAQs, Gallery, Information line, Search form, Subscription form, Brands, Collections, Lookbook, One product, Slider Revolution, Collection page heading, Collection banner builder sections now available on every page. Product page example Collection page example
OS2.0: Native metafields, check this video tutorial for more details
FIXED: minor issues
Version 4.10.0 – 10 July 2021
ADDED: AR, view in your space for the 3D product model
ADDED: Local pickup
ADDED: Fixed background for parallax
ADDED: Padding options for menu
FIXED: minor issues
Version 4.9.0 – 12 June 2021
ADDED: New headers. Type #6 & Type #7
ADDED: Add to cart button animation @ product page
ADDED: Show selected filters
ADDED: Sticky buttons @ cart drawer
ADDED: Quantity input @ cart drawer
ADDED: Cart page AJAX update
ADDED: Product image popup @ mobile
ADDED: Buy Now button @ quick view popup
ADDED: Show two banners per row @ home page builder section & collection list
ADDED: Cross out unavailable product variants.
ADDED: Loox review app built-in support
IMPROVED: expired sale countdown
IMPROVED: rel canonical tag @ collection page
IMPROVED: Slider arrows for reviews section @ home page
FIXED: Other minor issues
Version 4.8.0 – 12 April 2021
UPDATED: Remove .scss due to Shopify changes. Page speed affected
ADDED: More color options @ Theme settings -> Colors
ADDED: Center logo @ mobile Demo Screenshot
ADDED: Price per unit feature. Demo product
ADDED: Set gallery image according to selected product variant Demo product
IMPROVED: Wishlist & Compare for draft products
Version 4.7.1 – 15 March 2021
FIXED: Collection page issue
FIXED: Instagram widget
Version 4.7.0 – 12 March 2021
ADDED: Zoom scale option. Ratio 2, Ratio 5
ADDED: Auto-scroll to tab feature
ADDED: Six products per row on the collection page
ADDED: Trim title to one line at collection page
IMPROVED: Product video ratio
IMPROVED: Cart drawer performance
IMPROVED: Free shipping bar currency
IMPROVED: Add SKU to contact us popup at the product page
IMPROVED: Collection list order
IMPROVED: Page performance. Compress JavaScript with Terser compressor
IMPROVED: Typography for Legal pages
FIXED: Product image thumbs at mobile
FIXED: Hide “include” pages from search bots
FIXED: Video autoplay at the product page
FIXED: Minor issues for filters at collection page
FIXED: Image auto resizes for lazy loading, blur image issue
FIXED: Other minor issues
Version 4.6.2 – 6 February 2021
minor fixes
Version 4.6.1 – 3 February 2021
minor fixes
Version 4.6.0 – 29 January 2021
96/98 Google page speed (for Lighthouse 6.3.0)
New product gallery: group images by color & image thumbnails at mobile
ADDED: Automatic discount @ cart page
ADDED: New language switcher type
ADDED: set sort order @ List collections page
IMPROVED: Lookbook page
IMPROVED: Set product page type by product tag
IMPROVED: Set product page images group by color via product tag
IMPROVED: Sticky sidebar at collection page
IMPROVED: Sticky product info at product page
IMPROVED: Lazy loading for images & content
IMPROVED: Filters at collection page
minor fixes and improvements
Version 4.5.0 – 10 December 2020
ADD: Food Delivery skin
ADD: Contact Lenses skin
ADD: Cakes skin
ADD: Plants skin
ADD: Pasta skin
ADD: New payment icons
ADD: Size guide and delivery icons at product page
ADD: Collections list, show only selected collections
ADD: Fullscreen promobox
ADD: Klarna app compatibility
ADD: Growave app compatibility
IMPROVE: Promobox, added container width option
IMPROVE: Header type #4
IMPROVE: jQuery, more app compatibility
minor fixes and improvements
Version 4.4.0 – 4 November 2020
ADD: Contact us popup at product page
IMPROVE: Sticky add to cart panel at product page
IMPROVE: Filters at collection page. Filter by product variants (color, size blocks), horizontal filter.
Version 4.3.0 – 16 October 2020
ADD: New demo #18 Pre Order product
ADD: New skin Wine
Version 4.2.0 – 22 September 2020
ADD: New skin Cannabis & CBD
ADD: Pre Order
ADD: Product page buttons v2
ADD: List v2 for Collection page
UPDATE: Reviews slider design
Version 4.1.0 & 3.8.0 – 4 August 2020
FIX: Collection page issue. Filters, pagination, sort by.
FIX: Product collection carousel at home page.
Version 4.0.1 & 3.7.7 – 20 July 2020
FIX: ReCaptcha issue
Version 4.0.0 – 6 July 2020
Version 3.7.6 – 21 April 2020
FIX: OR logic for collection filters
Version 3.7.5 – 20 April 2020
FIX: product image gallery on mobile
Version 3.7.4 – 14 April 2020
FIX: sort dropdown on the collection page
Version 3.7.3 – 5 April 2020
FIX: load on scroll feature at the collection page
Version 3.7.2 – 28 March 2020
FIX: Filter untick
Version 3.7.1 – 27 March 2020
FIX: Product YouTube Video
Version 3.7.0 – 25 March 2020
ADD: Built-In Support for 3D Models and Video
Version 3.6.0 – 29 February 2020
UPDATE: Instagram widget. Check details at this blog post.
Version 3.5.0 – 8 February 2020
ADD: 4 level to the MegaMenu. Check “Gallery” menu item at Demo #1 and “Mega Menu”, “Mega Menu 2” items at Demo #17
ADD: Slider with reviews at the home page
ADD: Banner at product listing at the collection page
ADD: Sub-collections page
ADD: Separate logo for mobile
ADD: Slider at collection page
ADD: Unique filter blocks per collection. Please check the “Size” filter at example collections Women, Women clothing and Women accessories
Version 3.4.3 – 8 January 2020
FIX: Product variants
Version 3.4.2 – 6 december 2019
ADD: Improve product variants
Version 3.4.1 – 27 november 2019
Minor fixes
Version 3.4.0 – 22 november 2019
Shella, happy new year!
ADD: X-mas demo
Version 3.3.1 – 14 november 2019
Fix: minor issues
Version 3.3.0 – 8 november 2019
ADD: Multi currency at checkout
ADD: Customizable related products (The ‘recommendations’ object)
ADD: Furniture demo
ADD: Cosmetics demo
ADD: Computers demo
ADD: Kitchen demo
ADD: “OR” logic for collection filters
UPDATE: jQuery library to version 3
Fix: minor issues
Version 3.2.0 – 7 september 2019
ADD: Vertical MegaMenu
Fix: Safari minor issues
Version 3.1.0 – 6 august 2019
ADD: Product info page varian #5
Version 3.0.0 – 2 july 2019
ADD: 6 skins
ADD: 7 home page blocks
ADD: content builder
ADD: more typography and color options
Minor fixes and improvements
Version 2.3.0 – 30 apr 2019
ADD: infinite scroll at collection page
ADD: hide some product options at collection page. Show only one option or two options. Add to cart button transformed to Select options button
ADD: add date format option for product estimate date delivery block. Exclude weekends
Minor fixes and improvements
Version 2.2.0 – 10 apr 2019
ADD: newsletter popup, variant #2, with image
ADD: promo popup
ADD: coupon code popup
ADD: save subscribers to internal Shopify list (MailChimp embedded form still works)
ADD: social media image
Minor fixes
Version 2.1.0 – 20 mar 2019
Page load improvements:
– 95 moblie / 99 desktop at Google Page Speed
– A (100%) / A (94%) at GTmetrix
Version 2.0.1 – 13 mar 2019
Minor fixes
Version 2.0.0 – 7 mar 2019
Page load improvements. 76 moblie / 95 desktop at Google Page Speed
ADD: SVG logo
Version 1.0.8 – 19 feb 2019
Minor fixes
Version 1.0.7 – 3 feb 2019
Images auto size
Images size optimization for better performance
Image lazy loading improvements. Pre-set image container size
Animation effect for lazy loading
Add lazy loading to MegaMenu images
Apply swatches configuration to options at filter sidebar
Add social proof popup at product info page
Minor fixes
Version 1.0.6 – 23 jan 2019
FIXED: RTL issue
Version 1.0.5 – 20 jan 2019
ADD: Advanced swatches. Custom image, custom color, global or per product options
ADD: Spend X to Free Shipping
ADD: Quick view button to product notification popup
ADD: Slide out feature for product notification popup
ADD: Langify app compatibility. RTL / LTR switch on language change
ADD: Size guide popup unique per product
FIXED: Minor issues
Version 1.0.4 – 12 jan 2019
ADD: Product info: Order in The Next [hours] to Get it By [date]
ADD: Product info: Real visitors count
ADD: Product info: Change image on select option for product layout #2
ADD: Collection: Auto resize images
ADD: Upload image for pre-loader
Minor fixes
Version 1.0.3 – 27 dec 2018
Minor fixes
Version 1.0.2 – 15 dec 2018
Minor fixes
Version 1.0.1 – 4 dec 2018
Add: Dynamic checkout button
Add: Cookie popup
Add: Recently purchase product popup
Add: Product spy panel at product info page
Add: Height for Instagram images
Update: Active swatch design
Fix: Classic pagination
Fix: Search popup
Fix: One currency store
Version 1.0.0 (22 nov 2018) – initial release
Initial release

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