P2D Mobile360

P2D Mobile360 by Physical 2 Digital

Using the latest mobile technology and communications, the user is in constant contact with management to provide and receive real time updates of their responsibilities.


Ensuring the security of a global organizations property, assets, goods and employees means that often it’s necessary to patrol its buildings and be able to react to issues or alerts as they happen. Having real-time mobile technology is therefore critical to success. iSoftware360 solutions provide;
• Detailed patrol construction allowing focus on critical ‘checkpoints’;
• Total visibility of all activities during a shift;
• Rapid reporting of incidents and instant alerts;
• Duties can be tied to alerts and threat levels;
• Ability to see any ‘changes’ at the start of a shift;
• Management of incidents with alerts, categories and case management;
• Management of any maintenance issues in the facility; ‘work order’ creation to inform facilities management;
• Tailored Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


Logistics managers are tasked with tracking products through the export supply chain from the loading bays, through shipping (by road, sea or rail), through intermediary warehouses until they reach their final destination. At all stages it’s necessary to have access to the data in real time to ensure that product integrity has not been compromised. iSoftware360 solutions provide;
• Greater global supply chain visibility and operational efficiency; container tracking, truck inspections and seal checks;
• Early detection, reduction and elimination of product theft or equipment damage;
• Improved inventory management;
• Improved traceability of goods;
• Reduced cycle time and shipping time;
• Driver Health & Safety;
• Capture critical data; trailer, driver, license plate etc.
• Reduction in operational costs;
• Accountability; compliance to SAFE/AEO standards;
• Better customer and employee satisfaction and confidence;
• Reduced vulnerability to criminal acts.

Category: Business

Published Date: 6 Oct 2020

Operating System: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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