M&M Point of Sale System is a complete business starter solution integrated with Stripe & Square Payments.

Key Benefits of M&M POS

– Process credit/debit cards with a Stripe or Square account

– Use on any smartphone or desktop

– Run on as many devices you wish to

– Paperless system, send invoices via email/text

– No special computer or hardware needed

– Keeps track of sales and end of day reports

– Export your inventory and monthly reports to Microsoft Excel,PDF, or email

– Access from any location

– Quick and hassle-free updates

– Built with live animations for a responsive user experience

– Different color themes

– Quickly and easily navigate between views

– Easy-read error and success messages

– Ability to contact support team within system

– Quickly find products with the smart image selector

– Organize your inventory by putting products into categories

– Snap and attach images of receipts to your expenses

– Set the payment types your store accepts (Cash, Credit, Check, EBT, EBT Cash, Gift Cards or Split

– Give your customers discounts on sales by percentage or specific amount

– All new electronic receipt look for higher customer satisfaction rate

– Add website URL in business info to show up on customer receipts (printed and electronic)

– Add store logo in business info to show up on customer receipts (printed and electronic)

– Export reports and inventory to excel or printer

– Add different tax rates for different products

– More theme colors to choose from

– Theme the app in dark mode

– More statistics on how your store is doing to help make better business decisions

Category: Business

Published Date: 25 Feb 2019

Operating System: 10.10.0

Author: M&M Wireless Tech Inc

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