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Tracking the SO starting from SAP (ESO) and taking that ESO from various stages (23 listed stages) till closure / receipt of the same at End customer.
Involving IO Business / Logistic Team, CPPC team, PPC Team, Production Team, Shipment Team, Port Team, Accounts team.

Distributor / Dealer places an order (Vehicle / Spares) with M&M into GDMS which will be confirmed by CPPC / PPC team , Produced as per requirement (Make to Order) and shipped by Plant to Shipping Port as per confirmation from IO Business (On receipt of Payment). In Parallel, the financial documents / approvals gets assigned to this order along with shipping information and the consignment gets shipped to respective dealer / distributor.
While performing an entire Supply Chain the dealer / distributor keep unaware of what is happening against his order. To Provide them the correct status of the consignment against their order will enable them for better planning and managing their business more promptly.
The solution exactly provides them the views / information they strive for easily and effectively

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Published Date: 29 Jul 2018

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