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L-Card Pro is the most complete and advanced electronic business card design & management app on the market. It is loaded with cutting-edge features, including the ultimate Digital Business Card Design Suite, award-winning OCR card scanning, Smart E-mail Signature, Video Sharing, L-Card Analytics, L-Card Enterprise & so much more.
The recipients of your digital cards DO NOT need to have the app to save contact information.

* Create unlimited personal business cards using the professional Card Design Suite and 80+ Fast Card templates.
* Touch Free scanning of paper business cards.
* Read cards in 27 languages.
* Access your business card library and scan cards while your device is offline or in Airplane Mode.
* Permission based, instant L-Card exchange for quality lead generation.
* Card Radar – Instantly exchange L-Cards with an unlimited number of contacts at meetings & other business events.
* Directly Export cards to Salesforce, Google Contacts and Outlook. Create CSV files and upload data into your favorite CRM.
* Share short company info & custom messages.
* Allow users to add card information to their general Contacts on their devices.
* Restore deleted cards from Trash.
* Use the L-Card QR code scanner, Text, Email or social media to share and receive cards.
* Add notes to cards and personal reminders to your calendar.
* Share your social media address links.
* Save received cards within custom groups.
* Call, Text, or Email your contacts directly from a selected card using the Quick Connect Buttons.
* Locate addresses in Maps and get driving directions with a single tap.
* Transfer Videos with Cards: Advertise your products and services by adding instant or pre-recorded videos as often as you like. A video alert system will notify your contacts whenever a new clip is received & moves your digital card to the top of the users’ library. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video streaming sites are supported.
* The Smart L-Card button email attachment enables unlimited business card exchanges by adding your L-Card to your Email signature.
* Add your digital card to website pages.
* Print selected cards or the entire card library on a sheet of paper for filing or other purposes.
* Access your business cards on All Devices from anywhere in the world using smartphone, tablet or Web App.
* Create custom L-Card QR code designs. Print the code on promotional materials for attractive and innovative business card sharing.
* Use L-Card Analytics to track the performance of your business cards & promotional videos in real time.

* The card Listing feature allows users to list cards on tablets for the business event participants to scan and collect. Great for displaying business cards at offices, trade shows & other business events.
* Add a moving headline in your corporate color to the card listing screen to advertise your brand or event.

L-Card Pro is the most user-friendly electronic business card app with a clean interface that is indispensable for every professional in today’s digital era.
Enjoy using L-Card Pro? We’d love to hear from you. Help us improve by sharing your email at support@lcardapp.com.

Happy L-Carding!

For any queries on the application, contact us on :
Facebook: @lcardapp
LinkedIn: L-Card
Twitter: @LCardApp

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Published Date: 15 Jun 2017

Operating System: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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