I’m InTouch GoMail

I’m InTouch GoMail is a free mobile app that allows you to remotely access your Outlook (e.g. email) real-time without the need to remote control the screen of your home or office computer. Unlike other mobile mailbox services, your Outlook data will not be duplicated or reside on any third party cloud storage. Hence, it maximizes data security/privacy with no third party storage fee.

I’mInTouch GoMail also notifies you on your mobile device when new emails arrive at your Outlook. You can enable or disable this feature anytime.

Getting Started
Once you have installed the I’m InTouch Remote Desktop Software on your home or office computer you can quickly gain remote access via your iPhone/iPad:
1. Download I’m InTouch GoMail on your device
2. Run the I’m InTouch GoMail app and select one of the options to access your I’m InTouch-enabled computer (Access by Computer Name or by Login ID & Password)
3. Once you access your I’m InTouch-enabled computer you can access your Outlook data

Category: Business

Published Date: 6 Jan 2016

Operating System: Requires iOS 13.6 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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