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Fastor description
Key Features
Shopify Compability – this theme is compatible with Shopify only
Bootstrap – theme was built based on Bootstrap 3
Compressor Code – the content of css and js files are placed in a single file, delete spaces, which allows for faster page loading
Additional skins included – if you want to make your shop look like one of our demos, just install additional skin
Video Tutorial – for this theme we provide video tutorials with instruction how to install and configure some features
SEO Optimized – the structure of the theme are in SEO standards
In Advanced Settings you can change type of each module you have set in your store. These settings don’t provide big changes but only some small css changes in spaces or borders for example. Because we have many types of elements we created Live Editor for you so you can see live changes.
Unlimited colors – change color of each element in store, set your own image as background
600+ Google Fonts – select any font you like from Google Webfonts gallery
57+ Pre-made skins – all skins are included in theme and you can use anyone you want
100+ Colors – change colors of each element in your store
Hover effect – 10 custom hover effect for banners to choose with live preview in admin panel
Cart icon – upload your own cart icon and hover icon
Custom layout width – select from 2 pre-defined layout width or set your own
Spacing between columns – choose spacing size in horizontal between columns
Responsive – enable/disable responsive layout for your store
Layout type for each element – choose between fixed and full width layout for each element like Top Bar, Header or Slideshow
Sale & New badge – display sale and new badge on product image with custom text or % of discount for sale
Product number per row – define how many products shoud be displayed in one row for default module
Product image effect – choose effect for image hover
Quick view – enable or disable quick view option
Display elements on hover – choose which buttons you want on hover
Lazy loading for product images
Default view – choose between list and grid
Autoupdate price on product page – different price for different colors or other atributes? No problem
Image zoom – zoom on product page
Product image size – 3 images size: small, medium, large
Additional images position – select place to display additional product images
Product social share – disable or enabled social share module
Previous / Next product – you can have feature in breadcrumb which allow you with one click go to next or previous product
Quick search auto-suggest – autocomplete search with image
Header type – choose from 10 pre-defined header type
Advanced headers – more custom headers for selected skins
Vertical MegaMenu – decide if you want to have vertical megamenu always enabled or disabled on category or home page
Contact – add contact details. You can add 2 phone numbers, 2 skype profiles and 2 e-mail address
About us – add some information about your store
Facebook – add your Facebook fan page
Instagram – add Instagram pictures from your account
Custom tab – here you can add what you want
Contact page – add custom html block on contact page
Product page – add custom html block on product page
CSS – there is always a place to add custom css code to your theme
Facebook – add your Facebook fan page
Instagram – add Instagram pictures from your account
Custom tab – here you can add what you want
Advanced Widget – create various grids with custom templates and advanced configuration. You can decide if you want to display html content, links, products, newsletter or something more. You can also load products tab as the element of the column in grid.
Breadcrumb Background Image – module allow you to upload own background photo for breadcrumb
Powerful slider – flexible slider module we have in our theme, allows you to put sticker, change position of the text or customize the animation
Testimonials – create testimonials with HTML content or page content and put it in carousel
Cookie – customized section with information about cookies. You can decide about the content or where and how it should be displayed
Custom Widget – create extra content with anything you want. You can use HTML or load content from a page
Advanced Product Filtering – a built-in filter for your collection page, using Shopify Tags, color swatches supported
Color Swatches – the swatches for any custom colors, even complicated colors
Header Notice – simple header notification with HTML content.
MegaMenu – own MegaMenu instead of default submenu.
MailChimp Popup – nice popup window with newsletter
Product Questions – extra buttons on the product page under ADD TO CART button
Product tabs – create extra tabs on the product page.
Images used and included in this theme are for demo purpose only. The license of them is only for demo purpose. Commercial usage is NOT allowed and is at your own risk.
Change log:
Version 5.2.2 – Jul 24, 2022
– AVADA app compatibility
Version 5.2.1 – Jul 05, 2022
– PageFly app compatibility
Version 5.2 – Jul 28, 2021
– Compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0
– New feature added: Price range filter
– Support Shopify Online Store 2.0 Filtering
Version 5.1.2 – Jun 29, 2021
– Improvements
Version 5.1.1 – Jun 16, 2021
– Bugs fixed
Version 5.1 – Jun 05, 2021
– 9 skins added
– change the core for faster performance
Version 5.0.4 – Dec 07, 2020
– Bugs fixed
Version 5.0.3 – Nov 25, 2020
– Bugs fixed
Version 5.0.1 – Nov 22, 2020
– Bugs fixed
Version 5.0 – Nov 03, 2020
Version 4.6 – Nov 26, 2019
– New free apps added
– New feature added: Product Upsale Layout
– New feature added: Sell in Multiple Currencies
– License verification added
– New lazy load technique for better performance
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.5 – Feb 19, 2019
– “Variant Image Automator” App Supported
– New feature added: Advanced Filter Section
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.4 – December 20, 2018
– New feature added: Christmas Frames
– New feature added: Auto Currency
– New feature added: Terms & Agreements Add To Cart
– New feature added: Bundle Purchase
– New feature added: Upsell Products
– New feature added: Ajax Sidebar Cart
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.3 – Dec 11, 2018
– New Christmas Skin
Version 4.2 – Nov 09, 2018
– 5 Skins Added, make it 86 in total
– New feature added: Infinite Scroll in Collection Page
– New feature added: Sub-Collection Page
– New feature added: Gallery Page
Version 4.1.2 – Sep 26, 2018
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.1.1 – Sep 16, 2018
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.1 – July 13, 2018
– 2 Skins Added, make it 82 in total
– 1 Header Type Added, make it 30 in total
– 7 Facebook Fanpage Covers included
– Rich Banner now support Slider and Grouping
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.0.2 – July 02, 2018
– Performance Optimization: Add Javascript Defer loading
– Performance Optimization: Add setting to turn off external JS of Revolution Slider when no use
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 4.0.1 – June 18, 2018
– Bugs fixed: Focus color change
– Bugs fixed: Scrolling issue on Mobile view in Product page
Version 4.0 – June 05, 2018
– 7 Skins Added, make it 80 in total
– 3 Product Page Type Added
– Promotion Collection Page Type Added
– New feature added: New Product Item
– New feature added: Rich Banner
– New feature added: Rich Mega Menu
– New feature added: New Products Tabs with Unlimited Loading
– New feature added: New Mobile Menu
– New feature added: Advanced Variant Swatches
– New feature added: Add To Cart Popup
– New feature added: Shopify Dynamic Checkout Support
– New feature added: Age Verification
– New feature added: New Image Lazy Loading
– New feature added: Weketing App by RoarTheme
– New feature added: Language Switcher
– New feature added: Coming Soon Page
Version 3.2.2 – February 26, 2018
– Bugs fixed: products slider in RTL layout
Version 3.2.1 – February 20, 2018
– New default skin
– Bugs fixed: menu disappears in static header
Version 3.2 – January 04, 2018
– New feature added: The New Lookbook
Version 3.1.1 – December 18, 2017
– Bugs fixed:mega menu, footer, quick view on list view in collection page
Version 3.1 – December 06, 2017
– 11 Product Layouts
– Variant Product Image Ratios
– bugs fixed
Version 3.0.1 – November 16, 2017
– Google Maps API Key Configuration Added
– Product Compare bug fixed
– Product Trust Sale bug fixed
Version 3.0 – November 14, 2017
– New feature added: Product Video
– New feature added: Product Custom Tabs
– New feature added: Mobile Off-canvas Menu
– New feature added: External Buy Button
– New feature added: Product Badges
– New feature added: Product Compare
– New feature added: Quick Shopping Bar for mobile
– New feature added: Facebook Chat, Tracking and Exit Intent
– New feature added: 360 Degree Product View
– New feature added: Order Products popup
– Update cart layout
– New lazy loading animation
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 2.0 – June 08, 2017
– Shopify Sections Support
– Video Documentations
– New feature added: Express Installation
– New feature added: Page Builder
– New feature added: RoarTheme Wishlist App included
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 1.4 – January 23, 2017
– 5 skins added
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 1.3 – January 03, 2017
– 5 skins added
– New feature: Vertical Header
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 1.2 – December 02, 2016
– 5 skins added
– New feature: Product Video
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 1.1 – November 11, 2016
– 7 skins added
– New feature: Fixed Header/Menu
– New feature: Mobile Toolbar
– New feature: Lookbook Support
– Bugs fixed & Improvements
Version 1.0 – October 14, 2016
– Initial release

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