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Evolve your audits and inspections with next generation technology. E-Data Now! allows your team to collect and report manufacturing and field data instantly, with notifications designed to reduce duplication and close the loop on corrective actions. Mitigating risk, and going beyond just pushing paper.

Instantly processes and access your vital quality manufacturing and field information without opening the file cabinet or job book. If an issue is identified, evidence can be gathered and simultaneously sent to the appropriate party internally or externally in real-time across the cloud. Data, be it corrective actions, downtime, SPC, quality alerts or work instructions are not lost in the chaos of running a manufacturing floor or field operation. Allowing your team to react, report and prevent issues proactively.

E-Data Now! Audits & Inspections – Close the Loop on Quality
Flexible Audit/Inspection Question Types
* Tackle a variety of audits like layer process audits, compliance audits, customer complaint investigations, factory audits, PPAP validation, 5S, material certifications and more
* Or collect inspection data like GP 12, First Off/ Last Off, Inline/Offline Inspections, Incoming Inspections, Yard Purges, Barcode Error Proofing, Dock Inspections and more
* Built in Standard Ready to Use Audits
* Additional Question Types Included (But not limited too):
* * Value-Based Pass Fail
* * Camera Capture
* * Control Chart (Simplified SPC)
* * Value (Open Text or Numeric)
* * Tolerance
* * Severity
* * Value Comparison
* * Part Verification with Supporting Reference Images
* * Signature Based (Auditor or Third Party)

Simplified Planning and Scheduling
* Advance Audit Scheduling Tool which allows you to set and assign audit tasks per user

Performance Management & Validation
* Built in Work Instructions with employee sign off records
* Quality Alerts with frequency settings and sign off validation
* Visual Poke Yoka for good/bad operator references
* Cost of Quality tracking for all rejects, failures, downtime and more
* Electronic Signatures
* Track performance to the second, with hourly rate of inspection, or ensure no ghosts inspections with detailed time and performance tracking metrics.

Instant Email & System Notifications
* Fully Customizable To Deliver The Right Reports To Right Person/Team
* In Process Notifications – Right From Audits & Inspections
* Post Summary Notifications – like dashboards, control charts and more
* Device or email notifications
* Easily communicate findings between sister plants/locations
* A Few Examples:
* * Shift Summaries – Instant, In-Term, End of Shift, 24 hrs, Weekly
* * By part, reason, suspect, clean point, lot serial, inspection hours, bin and more
* * Downtime Notifications
* * Audit Summary Reports with Cost of Quality And More
* * Instant Failure Notification To Multiple Team Members
* * Frequency Based Charts or Dashboard Reports

Corrective Action Planning
* Create multi-layered corrective action plans with follow up verification to ensure effectiveness and validate completion.
* All corrective action tasks tracked to completion with email notification triggers for past due items.

Reporting and Reject & Scrap Tracking
* Gain visibility into critical reports such as Instant I-Charts, R-Charts, X-Charts, Top 5 Failures or customer self-directed custom graphs and reports all via the cloud or exported.
* Tolerance and Simplified SPC with notification triggers on failure
* Daily, weekly and custom customer-driven statistics and charting by part number, serial number, defect, etc.
* Traceability by part, reason, time, lot, clean point or more.

Additional Features
* 100% audit ready system & ISO compliant
* Offline Tablet Side Access
* Intuitive Tested User Interface
* And More….

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Published Date: 2 May 2013

Operating System: Requires iOS 11.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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