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Looking for a fresh approach to expanding your professional network and generating new leads for business? Try tapping into your team, colleagues and peers to uncover leads you never knew you had access to.

Let’s face it, most lead generation tools are costly, complicated, and frustrating to use. Public social networks are also very, very very public – and not the most effective place for collaboration.

A.B.Collab is a free, easy-to-use group collaboration tool providing a work-friendly space focused on helping you uncover new leads, contacts, and opportunities from people you may already be working with.

First, create a public or private group to post focused lead requests fast. Private groups allow you to maintain control over who collaborates on opportunities you are working on. Keep your group public to create a powerful source of new leads.

A.B.Collab lets you focus on business, filtering out social chatter, connection requests, and everything else that gets in the way of business networking. A.B.Collab allows you to engage with people that want to help you succeed – not just connect.

The fact is, cold calling results in a 1-3% success rate, and it’s abusive to both parties. When that same connection is made with a warm intro or referral, the rate jumps to 40%. With A.B.Collab you’ve got nothing to lose but the deal you’re working on.

How it works:

– Create a free account and a brief profile and a group for your requests (or join someone else’s)
– Invite teammates to collaborate on leads with you
– Post a request (i.e., what are you looking for?) to your group
– Other members review your request and connect if they can help
– If you find success, repay the favor by helping others find leads they need

Discover a professional network focused on creating a rising tide of opportunity.

Key Benefits

– Work with a community of peers that actually want to help you succeed
– Feel good about helping others access hard-to-find leads and info
– Focus on what matters most to you and leave the social chatter behind
– Promote a spirit of collaboration and teamwork to find new leads and opportunities

A.B.Collab is free to use.


• Privacy Policy: https://www.abcollab.com/privacy-mobile
• Terms of Use: https://www.abcollab.com/terms-mobile

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Published Date: 20 Aug 2021

Operating System: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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